June Exchange, the premiere affiliate network of June Media Inc., is the innovative leader in providing best-in-class direct-marketing solutions. For more than 15 years, we have leveraged the power of the digital space to generate leads and have created original and unique revenue opportunities for direct advertisers and agencies.

We are more than just the place where publishers and advertisers connect. Our experienced and innovative associates provide outside of the box approaches to reaching new consumers. Developing unique opportunities, along with our commitment to delivering top-of-the-line sales leads, makes us your ideal partner in executing your next marketing campaign.

Our exclusive series of proprietary analytical and database tools allow us to manage our business and optimize lead generation performance for clients. Our Ad Management, Offer Creation, and proprietary survey tools give our clients access to hundreds of thousands of sales prospects from top publishers. Our performance marketing capabilities include:

  • Custom Lead Generation
  • Opt-in Lead Generation
  • Subscriber Acquisition
  • Consumer Acquisition
  • Retail Support
  • Mobile Installations
  • Pay per Call
  • Toolbar Installations

Our delivery methods include: Direct site Placement and Banners, Direct Emailers, PPC, PPV, Social Media, and Mobile Traffic.

Let us help you generate the revenue you deserve.

Advertisers include companies such as Nissan, Discover, Experian, Allstate, Audible, match.com, mylife.com, Citibank, Kelloggs, Full Sail University and Worldwinner.

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